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    “Molino Blanco”
    From 1st February
    Enjoy a wonderful breakfast at our terrace.
    Come to share with us your morning and lets starts the best day together!
    Every day from 12:00 to 14:00.
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    welcome to
    Molino Blanco
    legendary restaurant
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    natural and pleasurable environment
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    with impeccable service and great food

Molino Blanco

San Eugenio

El Molino Blanco was founded in the 1990´s

For more than 500 years one of the staple foods of the Canary Islands has been a milled flour known as gofio, ground in windmills that at one time peppered the islands.

Few working mills now remain.

Relevant services

Fresh and Healthy Food Availale

Molino Blanco offers free wifi

Enjoy free high-speed wifi. Simply click on Molino Blanco wifi and ask any of our staff for login details. Now you can enjoy uninterrupted video streaming and downloads as much as you want...

We have parking facilities

Molino Blanco provides its customers with parking facilities that contribute to a positive overall dining experience. This way you don't have to waste time looking for a parking space...

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